"“thanks, beauty queen"

Hi, I'm Sam and I don't associate myself with people who can't appreciate Remus Lupin. Firm believer that Ki Hong Lee's smile can cure any heartbreak. When I grow up i want to be Artemis Crock. None of the marauders were cishet but it's cute that you have an opinion.

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What’d I miss?

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     htgawm      q

best of ♣ matt and caroline

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And as for the heys, i’m pretty sure it’s what i’ve said to you every day since the first grade.

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     otp: the abyss deep      tvd      goddammit fuck

no one hates the tvd fandom more than the tvd fandom

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rebeka i want to to cuddle u

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*whispers sweetly in your ear* that episode/chapter/movie with the tragic backstoRY DOESN’T MAGICALLY MAKE A PROBLEMATIC CHARACTER A GOOD PERSON!!!!!!!! 

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"how do u plead"

i plead eternally annoyed by your manpain

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     klaus stop      klaus no      ugh      sam watches the originals


saturday vs. sunday
((resisting the urge to insert some pseudo-deep quote))

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do i sleep or keep watching Klaus getting tortured by all my faves

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